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Powergarba fitness which is  launched in the year 2017 is a new trend fitness style which is a combination of one of the popular indian folk “GARBA” with “FITNESS”.

Powergarba fitness serves the purpose of dance and can be proved to be an easy way to stay fit with its diversified beats,energetic moves and high intensity.

What sets us apart

Unique Fitness Style


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I am a Passionate Choreographer;a Fitness trainer;a Founder of Powergarba

I am passionate to do something which I love from my Heart. Choreographer,Fitness trainer,Founder of Powergarba.

SATYAJIT VORA who founded this unique fitness programme”POWER GARBA” has worked in bollywood as a Dance Director for 9years,won many prizes in commercial navratris became liscenced instructor of zumba in 2015 and conducted zumba classes for 1year

Being Garba fanatic and Bollywood choreographer and Fitness instructor the thought came in his mind to start this fitness programme and with combination of Garba skills,creativity and fitness knowledge He officially launched POWER GARBA in september 2016.

Music always rules our body

As our Founder satyajit believes that music always rules our body and according to its capablities it orders the body to move and match it.As we all know garba music itself has so much of fire in it and it is one of the most high tempo beats with high intensity. Keeping this mind we created our own mixings and made music more intense by adding enthusiastic and motivational beats which makes an individual to workout with more fun and enjoyment.

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